Contributions to Proceedings:

H. Hobel, A. Frank:
"Exploiting Linked Spatial Data and Granularity Transformations";
in: "Workshop on Geographic Information Observatories 2014", K Janowicz (ed.); online Proceeding, 2014, 15 - 22.

English abstract:
Geographic information is one of the fundamental core data
sources for various applications. Freely available geographic information
knowledge bases are emerging and the spatial dimension has become
part of the Linked Open Data initiative. However, geographic information
is stored as abstract geographic objects and exploring, extracting,
and understanding the information must be facilitated for different user
perspectives and use cases. We propose to use a semantic model and an
extraction methodology which is aimed at allowing the consumption of
geographic information in an intuitive way. We illustrate our approach
based on previous work of a highway navigation conceptualization and
present a functional approach to exploit granularity extractions targeted
at enabling the user to change the point of view in navigation tasks.

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