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G. Retscher, F. Obex:
"Collaborative Navigation and Guidance in Underground Networks Using RFID";
Coordinates (invited), 10 (2014), 7; 8 - 10.

English abstract:
Collaborative navigation enables multi-sensory robust navigation, including seamless transition between different types of environments (see e.g. [1, 3]). In this concept several users and platforms (including pedestrians, vehicles and UAVīs) are equipped with different type of sensors and they navigate together in different layers above ground [2]. So far the scientific community currently is involved in research activities leaving the underground out of consideration. Both authors expand collaborative navigation on to the underground. They have developed emerging strategies for navigation and guidance of emergency crews and first responders in such settings. Useable underground structures include metro and road tunnels, subways, large sewer canals, long-distance heating tunnels, etc. In this article the concept and the use of the underground layer is introduced. RFID is identified to be the major absolute location technology.

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