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W. Wagner, L. Brocca, V. Naeimi, R. Reichle, C. Draper, R. De Jeu, D. Ryu, C. Su, A. Western, J.C. Calvet, Y. Kerr, D. Leroux, M. Drusch, T. Jackson, S. Hahn, W. Dorigo, C. Paulik:
"Clarifications on the "Comparison Between SMOS, VUA, ASCAT, and ECMWF Soil Moisture Products Over Four Watersheds in U.S."";
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 52 (2014), 3; 1901 - 1906.

English abstract:
In a recent paper, Leroux et al. compared three satellite soil moisture data sets (SMOS, AMSR-E, and ASCAT) and ECMWF forecast soil moisture data to in situ measurements over four watersheds located in the United States. Their conclusions stated that SMOS soil moisture retrievals represent "an improvement [in RMSE] by a factor of 2-3 compared with the other products" and that the ASCAT soil moisture data are "very noisy and unstable." In this clarification, the analysis of Leroux et al. is repeated using a newer version of the ASCAT data and additional metrics are provided. It is shown that the ASCAT retrievals are skillful, although they show some unexpected behavior during summer for two of the watersheds. It is also noted that the improvement of SMOS by a factor of 2-3 mentioned by Leroux et al. is driven by differences in bias and only applies relative to AMSR-E and the ECWMF data in the now obsolete version investigated by Leroux et al.

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