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S. Heuböck, G. Retscher:
"Performance of Low-cost HS-GPS Under Forest Canopy";
Poster: European Navigation Conference ENC 2013, Wien (invited); 2013-04-23 - 2013-04-25; in: "European Navigation Conference", (2013), 3 pages.

English abstract:
GNSS is employed in numerous situations and especially the use of low-cost receivers has become very popular. In agricultural applications, the use of GNSS receivers is already standard, e.g. for cadastral boundary surveys. In this application field GPS has to be used in forests. Current high sensitivity receiver (HS-GPS) technology can detect signals even under bad visibility conditions. This study investigates the practicability of low-cost HS-GPS under forest canopy. In the study different test areas with varying types of forests, such as broad-leaved forests, coniferous forests and young forests, were selected. Long-term observations over 24 hours in three different seasons were carried out on ten known survey points. It was found that the availability of HS-GPS receivers in forest areas is excellent and static single point measurements perform mostly well. In the case of carrier phase solutions from baseline observations to a virtual reference station, however, a significant reduction of signal quality can be seen. Due to a large number of outliers the number of solutions, where the ambiguities could be solved and a high positioning accuracy less than 1m can be achieved, is lower than expected.

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