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G. Gartner:
"Putting Emotions in Maps - The Wayfinding Example";
Talk: 8th Mountain Cartography Workshop, Taurewa, Neuseeland (invited); 09-01-2012 - 09-05-2012; in: "Mapping Mountain Dynamics: From Glaciers to Volcanoes", (2013), ISBN: 978-0-473-25829-0; 61 - 65.

English abstract:
Every human perceives urban space differently. Some places are seen to be unsafe, others as especially beautiful. This perception is subjective and can be influenced by emotions. At Vienna University of Technology a method to collect and analyse subjective responses to space in the context of wayfinding is developed in the so-called "EmoMap" project, aiming for using volunteered geographic information (VGI) to collect emotional responses to places and spaces in urban environments related to wayfinding. Categories of relevant aspects and terms of emotional responses have been identified and iteratively tested. By introducing an app on Android-smartphone platforms a prototype version to be used in real life scenarios was made available. The collected information is analysed for patterns and can be used to design user-adaptive location-based services such as modified route calculation in pedestrian navigation systems. All VGI collected during the project EmoMap will be stored in an open online database (OpenEmotionMap.org).

Cartography, Location-based Services, sensing emotions

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