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L. Plan, A. Roncat, G. Marx:
"Detailed morphologic analysis of Palaeotraun Gallery using a Terrestrial Laser Scan (Dachstein-Mammuthöhle, Upper Austria)";
Talk: 16th International Congress of Speleology, Brno, Czech Republic; 2013-08-21 - 2013-08-28; in: "Proceedings", Volume 3 (2013), 399 - 401.

English abstract:
Having a length of currently 67 km the Dachstein-Mammuthöhle is one of the major cave systems in the Northern
Calcareous Alps. The genesis of its partly huge galleries has been discussed controversially almost since its discovery ca.
100 years ago. Special focus was always given to a 200 m long gallery named Paläotraun. To study the morphology of
this more than 10 m high tunnel in detail a terrestrial laser scan was performed. The method proved to be successful and
confirmed that the Paläotraun is a paragenetic channel.

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