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M. Schmidt, S. Klettner, R. Steinmann:
"Barriers for Contributing to VGI Projects";
Poster: 26th International Cartographic Conference ICC, Dresden; 08-25-2013 - 08-30-2013; in: "Proceedings of the 26th International Cartographic Conference", (2013), ISBN: 978-1-907075-06-3; 7 pages.

English abstract:
Based on the results of an online survey with 516 participants, this paper provides insights into barriers for contributing to VGI projects. The study is based on the VGI platform OpenStreetMap (OSM) and focuses on persons, who are familiar with OSM but donīt actively contribute. The findings indicate that the time-consuming aspect of mapping is the most prevalent barrier for contributing to OSM, followed by the completeness of maps, forgetting, and the complexity of editing. These quantitative results are complemented with qualitative responses.

Volunteered Geographic Information, User-Generated Content, OpenStreetMap

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