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M. Schmidt, S. Klettner:
"Gender and Experience-Related Motivators for Contributing to OSM";
Talk: International Workshop on Action and Interaction in Volunteered Geographic Information (ACTIVITY) at the 16th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science, Leuven (invited); 05-14-2013; in: "Online proceedings of the ACTIVITY workshop", (2013), 4 pages.

English abstract:
Understanding the motivations for contributing to VGI platforms like OpenStreetMap (OSM) is important in order to foster a broader contributor base and increase content contributions. This paper presents results from an online survey with 516 participants with different levels of experience with OSM. We focus on participants, who are not actively contributing to OSM at the moment and explore, which aspects would motivate them to contribute to OSM (again). Mapping for a dedicated purpose and less time-consuming mapping solutions are the most prevalent motivators; however, responses differ according to OSM experience and gender.

OpenStreetMap, Volunteered Geographic Information, Gender, User-Generated Content

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