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E. Brückl, F. Brunner, E. Lang, S. Mertl, M. Müller, U. Stary:
"The Gradenbach Observatory-monitoring deep-seated gravitational slope deformation by geodetic, hydrological, and seismological methods";
Landslides, Volume 10, Issue 6 (2013), 815 - 829.

English abstract:
The Gradenbachmass movement (GMM) is an example of
DGSD (deep-seated gravitational slope deformation) in crystalline
rocks of the Eastern Alps (12.85°E, 47.00°N). The main body of the
GMMcovers an area of 1.7km2 and its volume is about 120×106m3. A
reconstruction of the deformation history yields a mean displacement
of∼22m from 1962 to 2011. In 1965/66, 1975, 2001, and 2009
high sliding velocities, exceeding several meters per year, interrupt
the quasi-stationary periods of slow movement (≤0.3m/year). Since
1999 the displacement of the main body of the GMM has been
observed by GPS. Time series of extensometer readings, precipitation,
snow cover water equivalent, water discharge, and hydrostatic
water level observed in boreholes were re-processed and are
presented in this paper. Continuous recording of seismic activity
by a seismic monitoring network at the GMM began in the summer
of 2006. Deformation has been monitored since 2007 by an embedded
strain rosette based on fiber optics technology and a local
conventional geodetic deformation network. The velocity of the
GMM could be modeled to a large extent by a quantitative relation
to hydro-meteorological data. During the phase of high sliding
velocity in spring 2009, the seismic activity in the area increased
significantly. Several types of seismic events were identified with
some of them preceding the acceleration of the main body by about
6 weeks. The potential inherent in the Gradenbach Observatory data
to supply early warning and hazard estimation is discussed.

Deep-seated gravitational slope deformation (DSGD) .GPS . Hydrology . Seismic monitoring . Early warning

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