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D. Sabel, A. Bartsch, S. Schlaffer, J. Klein, W. Wagner:
"Soil moisture mapping in permafrost regions - An outlook to Sentinel-1";
Talk: IGARSS, München, Deutschland; 2012-07-22 - 2012-07-27; in: "Proceedings of IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2012", (2012), ISBN: 978-1-4673-1160-1; 1216 - 1219.

English abstract:
Soil moisture is of high importance in permafrost
regions. Within the DUE Permafrost project, adjustments to
the 1 km Surface Soil Moisture (SSM) product, derived
from ENVISAT ASAR Global Monitoring mode data, have
been made to account for some of the conditions
encountered at high latitudes. Soil moisture retrieval from
SAR requires taking into account the presence of water
bodies. This is challenging in regions of permafrost, as the
majority of lakes in tundra environments are smaller than the
spatial resolution of global and regional land cover datasets.
A method to account for the presence of water bodies at and
below the 1 km scale in support of SSM retrieval is
presented. A high potential for transfer of the presented
methodologies to the Sentinel-1 mission is apparent due to
the consistency of measurements with ENVISAT ASAR.

Synthetic aperture radar, Permafrost, Soil moisture, Open water bodies

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