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M. Doneus, N. Doneus, C. Briese, M. Pregesbauer, G. Mandlburger, G. Verhoeven:
"Airborne laser bathymetry - detecting and recording submerged archaeological sites from the air";
Journal of Archaeological Science, 40 (2013), 4; 2136 - 2151.

English abstract:
A new generation of airborne bathymetric laser scanners utilises short green laser pulses for high resolution hydrographic surveying in very shallow waters. The paper investigates its use for the documentation of submerged archaeological structures, introducing the concept of airborne laser bathymetry and focussing on a number of challenges this novel technology still has to face. Using this method, an archaeological pilot study on the northern Adriatic coast of Croatia has revealed sunken structures of a Roman villa. The results demonstrate the potential of this novel technique to map submerged archaeological structures over large areas in high detail in 3D, for the first time providing the possibility for systematic, large-scale archaeological investigation of this environment. The resulting maps will provide unique means for underwater heritage management.

Airborne laser scanning; Airborne laser bathymetry; Archaeological prospection; Underwater; Submerged site; Roman villa

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