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G. Retscher:
"KROKOGUIDE - From Crowd Analysis to Crowd Control and Individual Guidance";
Talk: European Navigation Conference ENC 2012, Danzig, Polen (invited); 2012-04-25 - 2012-04-27; in: "European Navigation Conference ENC 2012", (2012), 1 - 12.

English abstract:
Mass events, refugee control, or mass decontamination and mass quarantine situations require crowd control and guidance to prevent the outbreak of disorder. In 2010 at the love parade in Duisburg, Germany, 19 people died and hundreds were injured in a mass panic in a tunnel leading to the event. To prevent such situations the executive authorities and first responders would need more information on how people in a crowd are moving and if their movement provides a possible threat. Conventional crowd control systems cannot provide such information as they are not linked with a positioning and information system. To improve crowd control and guidance a study under the title `KROKOGUIDEŽ was initiated at the Vienna University of Technology by the author. In this paper the concept is introduced and analysed. For the position determination of a large number of people passive mobile phone positioning data can be employed as nowadays nearly everybody carries a cellular phone. In this case, data which is automatically stored in memory or log files of mobile operators (i.e., billing memory, hand-over between network cells, home location register, etc.) is used for the visualization and location determination of the crowd. Then for the guidance of an individual person active mobile positioning varying from network and handset-based systems with special software to satellite navigation is used. Guidance information can then be provided on the mobile device of the user and/or public displays. KROKOGUIDE is therefore a valuable concept aiming to improve safety of individual persons in a crowd at exceptional situations.

Smartphone Location Determination, People Tracking, Guidance Services, First Responders, Positioning Technologies in Cellular Networks, Dead Reckoning, WiFi Fingerprinting, Geosensors

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