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C. Scheiblauer, M. Pregesbauer:
"Consolidated Visualization of Enormous 3D Scan Point Clouds with Scanopy";
Talk: International Conference on "Cultural Heritage and New Technologies", Wien; 2011-11-14 - 2011-11-16; in: "International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies", (2011), ISBN: 978-3-200-02740-4; 242 - 247.

English abstract:
Terrestrial laser scanners are used at many excavations for documentation and inventory taking. For the documentation of the excavation Amphitheatre 1 in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, Austria, the terrestrial laser scanner Riegl LMS Z420i was used. Overall, the entire excavation was covered by about 200 positions. With each scan position the amount of data recorded increases and this leads to performance problems in the visualization of the data. Due to the enormous number of points a consolidated representation of the entire point cloud is not possible with conventional software. The software Scanopy was developed for presenting and editing huge amounts of point data. Furthermore, it is possible to load polygonal models and display them together with point clouds in one scene. This allows an exact documentation of large archaeological excavation sites. Another application is the visualization of polygonal models of different excavation levels. The simplest visualization of point clouds on screen is a representation of the points as square rectangles. This, however, creates geometric inaccuracies, and colored point clouds are presented with sudden color changes. When the points are displayed by using semi-transparent circles the 3D points can be blended and lead to a more homogenous visual representation of the scanned objects. Thus the visual impression of the point cloud will be improved considerably. The developed software is demonstrated on the excavation mentioned above.

out-of-core, resampling, point rendering

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