Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

E. Dimitriou:
"The Austrian Land Administration system in combination with the real estate market - The case of Vienna";
Supervisor: C. Potsiou, G. Navratil; School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Department of Surveying, 2012; final examination: 2012-10-31.

English abstract:
Every modern land administration system is subjected to a global perspective, which encompasses interrelated areas that donīt focus only on cadastral activities. The global perspective supports the efficiency in real estate markets and combines functions, which are based on spatial data infrastructures, including topographic and cadastral information. These functions consist of the areas of land tenure, land value, land use and land development. The topic of the specific diploma thesis is related mainly with the first two areas (land tenure and land value), by approaching slightly the third area (land use) and by identifying the conditions/infrastructures to meet the latest area (land development).
The study concerns Austria. In particular, the present thesis outlines the entities of the Austrian fiscal cadastre, the land register (Grundbuch) and the real estate market (focus on the city of Vienna). Firstly, the basic structures, functions and processes are sketched. Thereafter, the advantages and the weaknesses of the cases study are understood. In conclusion, pursuant to the example of the real estate market in Vienna, are highlighted those elements that ensure efficiency and transparency. At the same time, the weaknesses that must be avoided as well as the infrastructures that need improvements are identified. Lastly, it becomes understood if this set of strengths and weaknesses according to Viennaīs example can be incorporated into other economies.

Administrative structure, fiscal cadastre, land register (Grundbuch), digital geodata base, Viennese property market, housing policy, banking system

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