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A. Abdalla, A. Frank:
"Combining Trip and Task Planning: On How to get from A to Passport";
Talk: GIScience 2012, Columbus, Ohio; 2012-09-18 - 2012-09-21; in: "Geographic Information Science", Springer, (2012), 1 - 14.

English abstract:
Navigation-tools currently give us directions from location A to B. They help us with the physical process of moving from here to there. Tasks in general, are achieved by the subsequent determination and execution of sub-tasks until the goal is achieved. To help achieve the higher-ranking task, we commonly use so called "personal information management"-tools (PIM-tools). They offer possibilities to manage and organize information about errands that have personal or social implications. Such tasks are described in informal ways, todo-lists for example offer the storage of textual description of an errand, sometimes allowing geographic or temporal information to be added. The paper proposes a formalism that can produce instructions leading from A to the fulfilment of the "task". Thus connecting the high-level task, that represents intentions, with the physical level of navigation.

PIM - task planning - routing - LBS - shortest path

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