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S. Klettner, M. Schmidt, H. Huang:
"Emotions and Affective Qualities Experienced in Urban Space";
Talk: IAPS 22 Human Experience in the Natural and Built Environment: Implications for Research, Policy and Practice, Glasgow; 06-24-2012 - 06-29-2012; in: "Proceedings IAPS 22", (2012), ISBN: 978-0-94-764988-3; 145 - 146.

English abstract:
Navigation systems help us make decisions in environments. The outputs are route calculations on the basis of objective data. However, environments are perceived not only according to physical features but also in terms of their affective qualities (Russell, 2003). Information about the external world is translated into an internal affective state that indicates whether approach or withdrawal is required (Feldman Barrett et al., 2007).
Hence, we argue that the affective perception of space moderates
individual's decisions in space and thus also route decisions. However, route calculations on the basis of affective data about space, is a novel approach. Before we can provide this kind of user-centered navigation services, we first need to understand how urban space is perceived. This paper reports on results from quantitative and qualitative studies, conducted in the project EmoMap (funded by the BMVIT program line ways2go), exploring people´s emotions and affective qualities in response to urban space.

Emotions, Affective Qualities, Navigation Systems, Urban Environment

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