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E. Unger, G. Navratil, S. Klotz:
"Semantic model transformation within the context of INSPIRE";
Talk: FIG Working Week 2012, Rome, Italy; 2012-05-06 - 2012-05-10; in: "Proceedings", (2012), ISBN: 97887-90907-98-3; Paper ID 6042, 14 pages.

English abstract:
In May 2007 the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE) entered into force. This directive wants to ensure that the spatial data infrastructures of all Member States are compatible and usable in a community and crossboundary context. Due to this directive all European Member States are now working on the harmonization of their geodata and services. The services offer the users the opportunity to find, browse, share, and download spatial data. The problem is that every state or the Federal Offices create, manage, and provide their geodata in different systems, models, and data formats. To harmonize the data models the European Commission took into force the Commission Regulation No 1088/2010 to implement transformation services for geodata until 28.12.2012. The transformation service should master a schema transformation from different source data models to the INSPIRE target data model. The study behind this paper has been dealing with 1. finding and investigating current transformation tools and their used transformation languages, 2. analyzing the source model (Cadastral Parcels in Austria), 3. analyzing the target model, and 4. transforming and validating a prototype model transformation. A general discussion about INSPIRE, the interaction between data models and reality and the basis theory about data modelling give a quick overview of the thematic. Also the principal method for model transformation and their direct use has been shown. Some problems have been identified which may occur during this process steps. The paper describes a possible prototype and gives an overview which requirements already can be fulfilled by the Austrian cadastre.

INSPIRE, Semantic model transformation, Cadastral Parcels

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