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A. Bartsch, D. Sabel, W. Wagner, S. Park:
"Considerations for derivation and use of soil moisture data from active microwave satellites at high altitudes";
Poster: IGARSS, Vancouver, Canada; 2011-07-24 - 2011-07-29; in: "IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2011 (IGARSS2011)", (2011), 3132 - 3135.

English abstract:
Soil moisture is an import parameter for high latitude research
focusing on carbon exchange and permafrost issues.
This paper reviews requirements, constrains and possibilities
of satellite derived soil moisture data for high latitude
applications. Major points are freezing and thawing, and
landscape heterogeneity. Special focus is on data derived
from ENVISAT ASAR. The different ScanSAR modes (wide
swath and global monitoring mode) can be used to address
various issues. Sensitivity over tundra at this wavelength is
similar to semi-arid regions in mediterranean and subtropic

soil moisture, arctic, active microwave, SAR, scatterometer

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