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A. Abdalla, A. Frank:
"Personal Geographic Information Management";
Talk: Workshop on Cognitive Engineering for Mobile GIS 2011 (COSIT 2011), Belfast, Maine; 2011-09-12; in: "Proceedings of the Workshop on Cognitive Engineering for Mobile GIS", (2011), 8 pages.

English abstract:
Traditionally personal information management (PIMs) tools support
people in their daily tasks. While research around personal information management focuses on how to store and retrieve information e ciently,we focus on the use of spatial (geographic) aspects in personal information. Tasks and appointments are represented in calendars or todolists,
often including temporal and sometimes even spatial information. Un-
fortunately the spatial information is seldom used for task planning or execution support. Therefore current PIM applications, e.g. on mobile phones, do not use the full power of the devices, and they too often simply resemble a piece of paper with the relevant information on it. The research goal is to extend the possibilities of modern GIS and enable ubiquitous GPS technology to pro-actively support the user in his daily tasks.

Personal , mobile, information management, GIS

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