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A. Frank:
"Quality of data in GIS: How to define data Quality? How to measure and value it?";
Talk: Verleihung des Titels "Doctor Honoris Causa", University of Debrecen (invited); 2011-11-26.

English abstract:
The quality of data in a Geographic Information System is important, because lack of quality in the data can lead to wrong decisions with serious consequences. The quality of data in a GIS is typically described from the perspective of the data producer, but more important is the perspective of the potential user of the data, who must decide if a datase is of sufficient quality for the intended use.

The talk characterizes the two positions and starts with an ontological analysis of how data quality is produced. It then uses a abstract model of decision making to identify the effect of data quality on decisions and how this leads to an economic assessment of data quality value.

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