Contributions to Books:

E. Simonne-Dombovari:
"Teaching cartographical skills in different educational systems of EU";
in: "Maps for the Future - Children, Education and Internet", issued by: L. Zentai, J. Reyes Nuñez; Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2012, ISBN: 978-3-642-19521-1, 43 - 58.

English abstract:
The European Union means a union of countries with different past and development, various national traditions, customs and educational systems. The main aim of these educational systems is to import growing and basic knowledge in a socially institutionalized way. Teaching cartography is one little piece of these systems and it appears at different level of these education systems. We can obtain this knowledge in many ways with the help of numberless educational tools. With the new possibilities of the web mapping 2.0, method and content of teaching expands and a new quality in teaching and training comes into life. The aim of this research is to find the answer on the questions what the role of cartography knowledge is in various educational systems; how different educational systems influence teaching cartography; how we can improve the cartographic education in schools with experiences from different countries; what the role of new media in education is and beside traditional tools and what new techniques are offered in the field of cartography teaching. These experiences of comparisons can help us to improve cartographic education in schools.

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