Publications in Scientific Journals:

E. Simonne-Dombovari, G. Simon:
"Webkartográfia lehetőségei az oktatásban - interaktív webes alkalmazás bemutatása a topográfiai ismeretek és a földrajzi nevek helyesírásának gyakorlására";
Geodézia és Kartográfia, 65 (2013), 5-6; 9 - 12.

English abstract:
These days we witness an unexpected development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Its rule and importance is determinative even in schoolwork. Certainly this brings a new situation for teachers and students as well.
Web-based tutorial programmes are set to teach the position of given geographical objects by drag and drop or puzzles. Proper spelling of geographical names is rarely considered to be crucial element. But we think, learning exact and punctual names of places is important. It must be a task to be highlighted in schools. Our complementary educational tool in Hungarian is enabling to practice both topographical knowledge and orthography of geographical names (http://geolearn.fw.hu).
This application is mainly designed for students in preparation for school exercises and for final exam. The base of our website was the compulsory list of geographical names for final exam in secondary education in Hungarian. It was published by the Ministry of Education.

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