Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Wieser:
"A GNSS Odometer";
GPS World, 19 (2008), 4; 50 - 55.

English abstract:
The possibility of replacing a traditional odometer by a satellite navigation based system is an interesting option, because it allows naturally combining information on the distance traveled with information on location and time, possibly without need of integration with other sensors, and without need of map data. It can thus be the basis for modular road pricing, trans-national pay-as-you-drive insurance, or tachographs fulfilling the CONSLEG requirements specified by the European Commission. It can - if the attainable accuracy and reliability are high enough, and if low-cost standalone receivers are sufficient. In this contribution, we show that an accuracy as required by the CONSLEG regulation is very easily achievable, and typical accuracies are on the order of 0.5% or better with a low-cost receiver and a 1 Hz data rate. These results include the impact of data gaps, noise, and vehicle dynamics for a vehicle being driven on roads with an average speed of at least 1 m/s.

distance traveled, tachograph, velocity estimation

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