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B. Schaffrin, A. Wieser:
"On Weighted Total Least-Squares Adjustment for Linear Regression";
Journal of Geodesy, 82 (2008), 7; 415 - 421.

English abstract:
The Weighted Total Least-Squares Solution (WTLSS) is presented for an Errors-in-Variables model with fairly general variance-covariance matrices. In particular, the observations can be heteroscedastic and correlated, but the variance-covariance matrix of the dependent variables needs to have a certain block structure. An algorithm for the computation of the WTLSS is presented and applied to a straight-line fit problem where the data have been observed with different precision, and to a multiple regression problem from recently published climate change research.

Total Least-Squares Solution (TLSS), weight matrix, heteroscedastic observations, straight-line fit, multiple linear regression

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