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G. Gartner:
"About the role of modern cartography in efficient disaster management";
Keynote Lecture: Gi4DM Geoinformation for Disaster Management, Antalya, Turkey (invited); 05-03-2011 - 05-08-2011.

English abstract:
Cartography is seen by many as facing a change of paradigms currently, triggered by technological challenges. As a result of innovative available technologies like the Internet, Multimedia and telecommunication infrastructure it becomes considerable, that cartographic communication processes can be realized which
deliver user-tailored information to a specific user everywhere ("ubiquitous") and anytime. The part of scientific cartography analyzing such conceptions is called "ubiquitous cartography".
This paper reviews a selected set of applications in context of supporting decision making. The review illustrates the enormous diversity of fundamental questions which are appearing when trying to support decision making in the context of disaster management and the extent to which they are becoming pervasive.
By discussing the main decisive aspects of disaster management the role of cartographic services will be analysed and highlighted.

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