Publications in Scientific Journals:

G. Gartner:
"Mapmaking by the Millions";
GIM International (invited), 8 (2011), 39.

English abstract:
Today maps can be created and used by any individual with just a modest stock of computing skills, from virtually any location on Earth and for almost any purpose. Under this new mapmaking paradigm, users are often present at the location of interest and producing maps that address instantaneously arising needs. Cartographic data may be digitally and wirelessly delivered in finalised form to the device in the hands of the user, or he may derive the requested visualisation from downloaded data in situ. Rapid advances in technologies have enabled this revolution in mapmaking by the millions. One such prominent advance is the possibility to derive maps very quickly, immediately after data acquisition, by internet access and dissemination. Real-time data handling and visualisation are other significant developments, as are location-based services, mobile cartography and augmented reality.

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