Publications in Scientific Journals:

G. Gartner:
"Significance of Collaborative Cartography";
GIM International (invited), 6 (2011), 45.

English abstract:
It is well recognised that mapping has perhaps changed more profoundly in recent years than in any previous era. In the past map production was reserved for professional cartographers and dissemination was radial: users were amateurs who consumed professional products. The revolutions in digital cartography, initiated in the 1980s, did little to alter expert control over mapping, and GIS if anything exacerbated the power of the producer. Now, however, websites such as Google Earth offer everyone the chance to produce their own individual maps, in many cases without the need of any professional qualification. Never before has such democratisation been as widespread. So many users today are brought together via the internet that producers and consumers are no longer distinguishable.

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