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R. Mansberger, I. Aleksic, G. Muggenhuber, G. Navratil, N. Tesla, C. Twaroch:
"Land Administration Systems in Austria and Serbia: Current Tasks and Potentials";
Talk: 1st Serbian Geodetic Congress, Belgrade; 2011-12-01 - 2011-12-03; in: "Proceedings of Papers", N. Tesla, D. Joksic (ed.); Republic Geodetic Authority, (2011), 122 - 129.

English abstract:
Land Administration Systems serve the public authorities as well as individuals since many centuries. From the very beginning the primary purposes of LAS were the management of real property and the linkage to persons on given ownership rights. Roots of land administration go back to the reorganisation of parcels after floods (Egypt, 400 b.C; compare Abart et al. 2011, p. 75f) and the introduction of a just and harmonised taxation system (Europe, 19th century). Since the very beginning the system was - driven by the changing needs of society - continuously enhanced and extended by additional features.
The paper gives an overview about the state of the art of the Land Administration Systems in Austria and in Serbia. Historical milestones, the dynamic developments and the current tasks of the Austrian and the Serbian systems are introduced. The final part of the paper is focusing to the future of Land Administration Systems: Potential applications are listed and expectable innovations in the field of Land Administration Systems are presented.

Land Administration, Comparison, Austria, Serbia, Potential

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