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G. Gartner, F. Ortag:
"Emotional Mapping for Migrants - Using Cartography for Integration Efforts";
Talk: Real Corp 2011, Essen; 05-18-2011 - 05-20-2011; in: "REAL CORP 2011. Change for Stability - Lifecycles of Cities and Regions. The Role and Possibilities of Foresighted Planning in Transformation Processes.", M. Schrenk, V. Popovich, P. Zeile (ed.); (2011), ISBN: 978-3-9503110-1-3; 1273 - 1274.

English abstract:
In this description of a work in progress the general assumption is followed, that the perception and conception of space is individual and influenced by emotions. Based on an exisiting project on using
emotional responses to space for enhancing navigation systems for pedestrians the conceptional work in progress is presented, to use cartographic tools for migrants and locals to exchange their perception of their neighbourhood and environment. The overall hypothesis is accordindly, that integration processes need
communication and cartographic communication processes might be useful in this context.

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