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G. Retscher, A. Kealy:
"Indoor Navigation on the Edge - Report of IAG WG 4.1.2.";
Poster: IUGG 2011 Conference Earth on the Edge - Science for a Sustainable Planet, Melbourne; 2011-06-28 - 2011-07-07.

English abstract:
The Working Group of Indoor Navigation Systems evolved from the previous established group called Indoor and Pedestrian Navigation in the period 2003 to 2007. Indoor navigation of persons and objects to be tracked has become a challenging research issue in recent years. Therefore this WG has concentrated on this task in the past four years. Studies have shown that people tend to loose orientation more easily in complex buildings (such as large office buildings, airports, railway stations, etc.). Therefore people need guidance and support to find their way to the desired destination. Employed sensors and location techniques include but are not limited to GNSS, WiFi, RFID, cellular phone positioning for absolute position determination and MEMS-based INS for relative positioning. These sensors are integrated into a positioning and guidance system. Due to the growing importance in this field of research in 2010 collaborative working groups were formed under the professional associations of IAG and FIG entitled Ubiquitous Positioning Systems (IAG WG 4.2.5) and Ubiquitous Positioning Technolgies and Techniques (FIG WG 5.5). These working groups aim to harness and develop existing research outputs available internationally in this research domain. Our goal over the next four years is to provide an online resource for academic and industry professionals, who can use these research outputs thereby reducing duplication and facilitating more rapid progress in the development of ubiquitous positioning systems. The achievements of the work up to date in the fields of indoor navigation and ubiquitous positioning are presented and discussed in this poster presentation.

Indoor Positioning, Navigation Systems, Pedestrian Guidance Services, Ubiquitous Positioning Technolgies and Techniques

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