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D. Spahić, U. Exner, M. Behm, B. Grasemann, A. Haring, H. Pretsch:
"Structural 3D modelling using GPR in unconsolidated sediments (Vienna basin, Austria).";
Trabajos de Geologia, 29 (2010), 250 - 252.

English abstract:
In a gravel pit (SE Vienna basin), metre-thick bedded successions of conglomerate and sand layers of
Miocene age are exceptionally well exposed along a W-E-striking wall. The sediments are cut by numerous N-Sstriking,
high-angle normal faults. The faults have a marked displacement gradient and offset marker layers of up
to several metres. Using ground penetrating radar, we measured ten sections parallel to the W-E-striking wall in order to construct a three-dimensional structural model. Exact positioning of the radargrams was achieved with the help of differential GPS and compilation of the data with a terrestrial laser scan of the outcrop.

Vienna basin, ground penetrating radar, structural modelling, light detection ranging, normal fault

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