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M. Jobst:
"A management perspective in cartographic heritage";
Talk: 5th International Workshop on Digital Approaches in Cartographic Heritage, Wien; 2010-02-22 - 2010-02-24; in: "Proceedings 5th Internat. Workshop on Digital Approaches in Cartographic Heritage", (2010), 3 pages.

English abstract:
The digital cartographic heritage contains various aspects that have to be con-sidered in order to guarantee sustainability and long-term preservation. These aspects span from media-based actions to content-related and semantic documentations as far as software and hardware dependent topics. This complex network of dependencies relate to procedures that try to overcome technical restrictions and grant access to digital geoin-formation. Mostly these procedures are mapped in processes and describe needed actions.
On the other hand process management in IT as well as business offer methods to develop manageable process procedures and get rid of redundant processes. Furthermore the in-terplay of procedures offer tools for business case modeling that build up on efficiency and effectiveness.
This contribution tries to introduce management methods to digital cartographic heritage. Are methods from IT and business adaptable to cartographic heritage? Therefore the complexity of an exemplary set of processes within digital cartographic heritage should be shown, special characteristics of geo- and cartographic processes should be defined and the importance of long-term availability within geo-processes depicted. The considera-tions of this contribution will give an overview on helpful actions within the management of digital cartographic heritage.

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