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M. Jobst:
"Considerations on the quality of cartographic reproduction for long-term preservation";
in: "Preservation in Digital Cartography - Archiving Aspects", M. Jobst (ed.); Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-642-12732-8, 57 - 73.

English abstract:
When thinking of sustainability of cartographic heritage two
main important questions have to be seen: The first one asks for the best and high quality processes to save as well as make accessible historical maps/documents also in a far future. These aspects generally will try to reproduce and copy the original document in order to disseminate some material for ongoing working processes. The second important question focuses on solutions to save and keep accessibility to cartographic products and states of today, including multimedia and Internet applications.
This contribution focuses on the first question of preservation in cartographic heritage, its sustainability and should present some considerations on actual and alternate reproduction methods of historical maps. By using the essence of the small project HYREP (hybrid reproduction) - where actual available reproduction methods/techniques were identified, their applicability for damageable documents/maps considered, alternate possibilities of hybrid reproduction developed and a rough comparison of reproduced
qualities for the fine line arts in maps was given - an exclusive digital approach for saving the cartographic heritage should be scrutinized and opened for discussion.

Cartographic Heritage, Reproduction, Hybrid methods, Quality

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