Contributions to Books:

M. Jobst, G. Gartner:
"Structural aspects for the digital cartographic heritage";
in: "Preservation in Digital Cartography", M. Jobst (ed.); Springer Verlag, Heidelberg Dordrecht London New York, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-642-12732-8, 57 - 76.

English abstract:
The preservation of digital cartography may result in a digital
cartographic heritage in future. One main requirement is the understanding of structural aspects in terms of technological and semiotic dependencies.
These dependencies become clear when prominent features of modern digital cartography are discussed and their important core characteristics lead to structural considerations to describe a digital heritage´s content. On the basis of these remarks a conceptual cartographic heritage architecture can
be designed, which should help to understand technical complexity within the preservation of digital cartography.

Cartographic Heritage, Preservation, SOA, Multimedia Cartography

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