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E. Brückl, J. Brückl, W. Chwatal, C. Ullrich:
"Deep alpine valleys - examples of geophysical explorations in Austria";
Swiss Journal Of Geosciences, 103 (2010), 329 - 344.

English abstract:
Results from geophysical explorations of three deep valleys, selected from different tectonic regimes in
the Eastern Alps (Ötz-, Oichten-, and Drau Valley), are presented and discussed. Ongoing tectonic deformation
may use tectonic structures related to these valleys. However, seismic activity is low there. During the Würm ice age, the thickness of the ice cover ranged between 300 and 1,500 m above present ground elevation. The geophysical investigations comprised reflection seismology, gravityand resistivity surveys. The maximum depth down to the erosional base of the valleys varies from ~340 to 700 m. Distinct layer packages of the valley-infill at depths greater than 250 m were termed ``old valley-fill´´. Geophysical parameters and a comparison with the reflection seismic image of an intermediate layer at the recent Pasterze glacier suggest that the top of the ``old valley-fill´´ represents the glacier bed during the decay of the Würm glaciation. Deep erosion is not related to high basal shear stress. The confluence of tributary glaciers is apparently not a significant factor for deep erosion in our examples of deep alpine valleys. We conclude that deep erosion may be related to high water pressure at the glacier bed, supported by specific processes of tectonic weakening.

Deep alpine valleys, Geophysical explorations, Austria

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