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A. Eichhorn, T. Schmalz:
"Investigations to the Calibration of a Numerical Slope Model by Means of Adaptive Kalman-Filtering";
Talk: XXIV FIG International Congress 2010, Sydney (invited); 2010-04-11 - 2010-04-16; in: "The XXIV FIG International Congress 2010 Proceedings", FIG (ed.); The XXIV FIG International Congress 2010 Proceedings, Sydney (2010), Paper ID 4024, 12 pages.

English abstract:
Because of increasing settlement activities of people in mountainous regions and the simultaneous appearance of extreme climatic conditions the investigation and alerting of landslides becomes more and more important. Within the last few years a significant rising of disastrous slides could be registered which generated a broad public interest and the request for security measures.
In this paper the FWF (Austrian Science Fund) funded project `KASIP´ is presented, which deals with the development of a new type of alarm system based on a calibrated numerical slope model for realistic calculation of failure scenarios. In this context, calibration means the optimal combination of available monitoring data with a numerical model by means of adaptive Kalman-filtering.
The presented study object is the landslide `Steinlehnen´ near Innsbruck (Tyrol, Austria). The first part of the paper is focussed on the determination of geometrical `surface´-information and includes the description of the monitoring system for the collection of displacement data. The second part is more focussed on investigations to the numerical modelling of the slope by FD- (Finite Difference-) methods and the development of the adaptive Kalman-filter. First filter results are presented and discussed.

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