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B. Pijanowski, L. Iverson, A. Drew, H. Bulley, M. Wimberly, A. Bartsch, J. Peng:
"Addressing the interplay of poverty and the ecology of landscapes: a Grand Challenge Topic for landscape ecologists?";
Landscape Ecology, 25 (2010), 5 - 16.

English abstract:
We argue for the landscape ecology
community to adopt the study of poverty and the
ecology of landscapes as a Grand Challenge Topic.
We present five areas of possible research foci that
we believe that landscape ecologists can join with
other social and environmental scientists to increase
scientific understanding of this pressing issue: (1)
scale and poverty; (2) landscape structure and human
well-being; (3) social and ecological processes linked
to spatial patterns in landscapes; (4) conservation and
poverty, and (5) applying the landscape ecologistīs
toolkit. A brief set of recommendations for landscape
ecologists is also presented. These include the need to
utilize broad frameworks that integrate social and
ecological variables, build capacity to do this kind of
work through the development of strong collaborations
of researchers in developed and developing

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