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G. Molnár:
"Making a georeferenced mosaic of historical map series using constrained polynomial fit";
Acta Geod.Geoph.Hung., 45 (2010), 1; 24 - 30.

English abstract:
A method is presented in this paper for solving a practical problem: how to make
georeferenced mosaic of a map series using ground control points and quadratic
polynomial transformation for every individual map sheet, if we expect, that after
georeferencing the edges of the transformed map sheets should fit together.
To solve this problem we can use a constrained polynomial fit method. In this
method we use least square adjustment to get the transformation parameters for
every individual map sheets, and we define constrains, that the common edges of
every two neighboring map sheet should transform similarly. Solving this equation we
get the transformation parameters for every single map sheet. Using these parameters
for transforming the map sheets, we get georeferenced maps, that automatically fit
together in a GIS software.
This method has been successfully applied for georeferencing 18 map sheets of
the First Topographic Survey of the Habsburg Empire. The resulting georeferenced
map has larger residual errors than the individually transformed map sheets, but
in exchange for we get a seamless map mosaic, that is more accurate, than the
graphically merged and transformed.

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