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E. Brückl:
"Active extrusion of the Pannonian fragment and related seismicity in the Eastern Alps and the Dinarides.";
Talk: Meeting and Exhibition on Geophysics, Geology, Mining, and Envionment Protection, Pécs, Hungary; 2009-09-24 - 2009-09-26.

English abstract:
Recent controlled source and passive seismic experiments improved our knowledge about the lithospheric structure of the Eastern Alps and their transition to the Pannonian basin and the Dinarides substantially. The fragmentation of the Moho into a European, Adriatic, and Pannonian block controls and the kinematics of tectonic movements, especially active extrusion of the Pannonian fragment to the east. According to these models seismicity along the dextral strike slip faults in the northern Dinarides should be linked to seismicity along the sinistral strike-slip faults in the most eastern part of the Eastern Alps. Data from ALPASS, CBP, and the ongoing ALPAACT (Seismological and geodetic monitoring of ALpine-PAnnonian ACtive Tectonics) allow for accurate earthquake location and calculation of magnitude and seismic slip in the wider Vienna Basin area. We propose similar efforts in the APLPASS-DIPS area to test the new tectonic hypotheses.

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