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R. Vezočnik, T. Ambrozič, O. Sterle, G. Bilban, N. Pfeifer, B. Stopar:
"Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology for Long Term High Precision Deformation Monitoring";
Sensors, 9 (2009), 12; 9873 - 9895.

English abstract:
The paper presents a new methodology for high precision monitoring of deformations with a long term perspective using terrestrial laser scanning technology. In order to solve the problem of a stable reference system and to assure the high quality of possible position changes of point clouds, scanning is integrated with two complementary surveying techniques, i.e., high quality static GNSS positioning and precise tacheometry. The case study object where the proposed methodology was tested is a high pressure underground pipeline situated in an area which is geologically unstable.

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