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A. Millonig, G. Gartner:
"Identifying motion and interest patterns of shoppers for developing personalised wayfinding tools";
Talk: 6th International Symposium on Location Based Services & TeleCartography, Nottingham, UK; 09-02-2009 - 09-04-2009; in: "Proceedings 6th Int. Symposium on LBS & TeleCartography", (2009), 5 pages.

English abstract:
The development of mobile navigation tools for pedestrians has been met with growing interest during the last years. The idea of using location-based information to support wayfinding is becoming increasingly popular. Other than common navigation tools used in vehicles, emerging mobile pedestrian navigation services have to fulfil more complex requirements in order to be accepted. To ensure that such navigation services are successful, it is necessary to understand the motion patterns and information requirements of pedestrians.

Previous studies have already proved that wayfinding behaviour and navigation strategies depend on multiple factors. Several researchers point out the importance of environmental qualities or route characteristics such as attractiveness, distance, relative quietness, or complexity (Blivice, 1974; Daamen and Hoogendoorn, 2003, Golledge, 1995; Millonig and Gartner, 2007). Additionally personal characteristics and emotional qualities largely determine route decisions and wayfinding strategies. Those internal factors include for example culture, lifestyle, attitudes, wayfinding skills, or anxiousness (Holden, 2000; Daamen and Hoogendoorn, 2003, Millonig and Gartner, 2007).

Given the vast amount of potential influence factors to pedestrian spatio-temporal behaviour, it is not surprising that behaviour patterns are still poorly understood. This contribution describes a currently ongoing research project aiming at the identification of core determinants and the classification and description of homogeneous classes of pedestrian motion patterns and type-related interest profiles.

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