Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

G. Gartner, R. Ditz:
"Laserscanning data as basis for deriving orienteering maps - A survey of the potential and further research";
Talk: 24th International Cartographic Conference, Santiago, Chile; 11-15-2009 - 11-21-2009; in: "The World´s Geo-Spatial Solutions", (2009), ISBN: 978-1-907075-02-5; 10 pages.

English abstract:
The technology of Airborne Laserscanning data is becoming increasingly interesting for the production of orienteering maps. This is based on the fact that Laserscanning data are available more easily and to lower costs and also that the quality of these data is permanently increasing. They are used to derive very precise contour lines and path networks. But Laserscanning data have an advanced potential for derving other elements of orienteering maps as well that should be the objective for further research, which will be discussed in this article, adding to former research on this topic (cp. Gartner et al, 2007; Ditz et al, 2005).

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