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M. Lechthaler, R. Todor:
"Universally Applicable Concept For Spatial Decision Support, Dedicated To Stakeholders In Spatial Planning, With Focus On Traffic Safety";
in: "The World's Geo-Solutions", issued by: International Cartographic Association; Proceedings of 24th International Cartographic Association, Santiago, Chile, 2009, ISBN: 978-1-907075-02-5, Paper ID 4_6, 10 pages.

English abstract:
Urban and regional development have proved to be a recipe for economical growth, however uncontrolled development bears risks for population and environment. Today´s technology enables early warning, prevention and rescue operations however the sustainable spatial planning can be considered as one of the most effective measures. Spatial planning measures require expert analyses and political decisions, therefore it can be considered as a consistent process. This article presents the concept for a map based universally applicable decision support in spatial planning, which will focus from the thematic point of view to traffic safety and will set up into centre of attention an Executive Information/Support system (EI/SS), for political decision makers.
Due to this focus, the concept bases on theory and the methods of the decision-making processes, but also on cartographic visualization and communication as well as on the theories and methods of spatial development and infrastructure, traffic planning and management, with the aim of prevent the oncoming disaster. The presented EI/SS will give the decision maker the opportunity to choose the instantaneous and best solution for the region and the population in a factual, comprehensible and non personal way.

early warning, prevention and rescue operations,spatial planning , decision support , Executive Information/Support system

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