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A. Reiterer, T. Vicovac, M. Lehmann, D. Rieke-Zapp:
"Analysis In Short Term In-Situ Erosion Rates By Image-Based Measurement Systems (astiri / Sedymont)";
Poster: 5th TOPO-EUROPE Workshop, Heidelberg; 2009-10-15 - 2009-10-17.

English abstract:
While long term erosion rates may be estimated by dating methods, current day erosion rates are - if at all available - based on rough estimates or on point measurements. Precise quantification of short term erosion rates are required to improve our understanding of short term processes, for input in landscape evolution models, as well as for studying the mechanics and efficiency of different erosion processes in varying geomorphological settings. Typical current day erosion rates in the European Alps range from sub-millimetre to several millimetres per year depending on the dominant erosion processes.
Our approach utilize a new innovative surveying technology for quantification
of in-situ bedrock incision in fluvial channels of the Swiss Alps. The new method works non-contacting as well as non-disturbing and suitable for field use even in remote areas. Latest developments with image assisted measurement techniques are utilized to provide
the method. It combines the pointing precision of a theodolite with the ability of mass point measurement from stereo imagery.

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