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M. Lechthaler:
"Interactive and Multimedia Atlas Information";
in: "Cartography in Central and Eastern Europe", issued by: Georg Gartner, Felix Ortag; Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2010, ISBN: 978-3-642-03293-6, 383 - 402.

English abstract:
In modern cartography of the late twentieth century the Internet offers an ideal platform for making communication with maps more feasible - on one hand. But on the other hand there has to be an understanding of the process and the methods of how to generate cartographic models and then how to communicate spatial data, which means geo-information accurately and efficiently. Due to this focus, cartography has to fulfil the obligation to achieve both - the creation of cartographic presentation forms for the new media and to accept the responsibility on understanding the deep relations within the whole cartographic communication process, which includes the user, the models in different cartographic media and the transmission.
In this article, the importance of interactive and multimedia atlas information system as cartographic geo-communication platforms will be presented, where the user expands his knowledge by restrictive but flexible searching for spatial information. An atlas information system subdivides all functionalities into a cartographically conceptional and structured order.

cartographic communication process, models in different cartographic media and the transmission, interactive and multimedia atlas information system, functionalities of atlas information system, cartographic geo-communication platform,

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