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R. Bulbul, A. Frank:
"Big Integers for GIS: Testing the Viability of Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic for GIS Geometry";
Poster: AGILE 2009, Hannover, Germany; 2009-06-02 - 2009-06-05.

English abstract:
A systematic exploration of solutions to represent geometric objects shows that the combination of big integers for metric and convex polytopes for topological information is promising. The viability of this novel approach depends on the effective performance of geometric operations typical for GIS using big integers. We report an experiment to determine whether solutions using big integers are realistic for GIS geometry. Metric computations with big numbers are conceptually simpler and need no testing for approximation problems. Performance penalties in some cases are severe (but much less than what we expected), but we found that they should not cause noticeable effects for users.

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