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K. Rehrl, F. Ortag:
"An Affordance-based Taxonomy for classifying Landmarks in Route Directions";
Talk: 6th International Symposium on Location Based Services & TeleCartography, Nottingham, UK; 2009-09-02 - 2009-09-04; in: "Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Location Based Services & TeleCartography 2009", (2009), 16 pages.

English abstract:
This paper proposes an affordance-based approach for classifying local landmarks used in route descriptions. With 6 identified affordances the role which a landmark can take in route descriptions is specified. Affordances are extracted from in-situ experiments with 27 test persons describing route choices along 5 test routes in inner city and peripheral urban environments as well as along a ski tour in a snowy mountain environment. The aim of classifying landmarks with affordances is twofold: (1) a domain independent affordance-based taxonomy allows for classifying landmarks in different domains and (2) focusing on affordances allows for defining domain-independent classification principles as a foundation for the composition of way-finding instructions. The classification scheme is considered as a major contribution on the pathway to semantically enhanced navigation systems, using primarily landmark instead of metric direction concepts.

Landmarks, Pedestrian Navigation, Route Directions, Affordances

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