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N. Pfeifer, C. Ressl, W. Karel:
"Range calibration for terrestrial laser scanners and range cameras";
Keynote Lecture: SPIE: Optics + Photonics 2009, San Diego, CA, USA (invited); 2009-08-02 - 2009-08-03; in: "SPIE Proceedings Vol. 7447, Videometrics, Range Imaging, and Applications X", Proceedings of SPIE Volume: 7447 (2009), ISBN: 9780819477378; 1 - 15.

English abstract:
Range cameras and terrestrial laser scanners provide 3D geometric information by directly measuring the range
from the sensor to the object. Calibration of the ranging component has not been studied systematically yet,
and this paper provides a first overview. The proposed approaches differ in the object space features used for
calibration, the calibration models themselves, and possibly required environmental conditions. A number of
approaches are reviewed within this framework and discussed. For terrestrial laser scanners, improvement in
accuracy by a factor up to two is typical, whereas range camera calibration still lacks a proper model, and large
systematic errors typically remain.

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