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E. Simonne-Dombovari:
"Teaching cartographical skills in public education - in two Central European countries (Austria and Hungary)";
Talk: ICA Symposium on Cartography for Central and Eastern Europe, Wien; 2009-02-16 - 2009-02-17; in: "Proceedings of the First ICA Symposium for Central and Eastern Europe 2009, Vienna University of Technology, 2009", G. Gartner, F. Ortag (ed.); (2009), Paper ID Chapter 34, 19 pages.

English abstract:
There are different educational systems formed on the basis of heterogeneous national traditions and customs in Central and Eastern Europe. These differences give the multi-colourness of the region. Though there is an effort to carry out standard education systems. Teaching cartography is one little piece of these systems. A well-founded cartographic teaching and learning in elementary and secondary schools can be the basis for an effective cartographic academic education in the region.
Teaching in schools uses great number of traditional means. Since students in today´s classes tend to surround themselves with modern technology in their daily lives, beside simple classroom aids (books, workbooks, visual aids: maps, atlases, globes, foils, slides etc.) they may increasingly expect it in the classroom as well. With this new technology, method and content of teaching expands and a new quality in teaching and training comes into life.
My questions are what is the role of cartography knowledge in various educational systems; how different educational systems influence teaching cartography; how can we improve the cartographic education in schools with experiences from different countries; what is the role of new media in education and what possibilities does new media offer beside traditional tools.

Cartographic Education, Curriculum, Teaching tools, Webcartography

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