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G. Ruecker, W. Dorigo, J. Grillenberger, K. Kienzler, N. Ibragimov, M. Keil:
"Evaluating vegetation indices from multi-angular hyperspectral satellite imagery for assessing leaf chlorophyll in Uzbek cotton fields";
Talk: 33rd International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE), Stresa, Italy; 2009-05-04 - 2009-05-08; in: "33rd International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment", (2009), 4 pages.

English abstract:
The objective of this paper is to evaluate the
performance of 23 vegetation indices (VIs) used for
establishing relationships between multi-angular Proba-
1/CHRIS hyperspectral satellite imagery and leaf chlorophyll
a and b (Chl a+b) content on cotton fields in Uzbekistan. Leaf
Chl a+b status was measured for each plant shoot level on four
fields during early flowering stage (July 16, 2006).
Synchronous, Proba-1/CHRIS multi-angular hyperspectral
images were acquired to establish empirical predictive
equations between the image based VI values and the
measured leaf Chl a+b of the vertical plant profile.
Most correlations between Proba-1/CHRIS broad band
VIs and leaf Chl a+b content were low. Higher correlations
were obtained across all angles for a group of VIs including
the Modified Chlorophyll Absorption Ratio Indices (MCARI1,
MCARI2), Triangular Vegetation Index (TVI) and its
derivates (MTVI1, MTVI2) (R2 max. = 0.40). Results obtained
for images measuring forward scattering (+30, +55) were
superior to those obtained for nadir, backward scattering.

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